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Most mothers are still on the tablet – according to a study by the Federal Center for Health Education, this was 55 percentage points, with several possible answers. But the second and third actuators are non-hormonal applications: the condom and the mirrors. Other non-hormonal methods such as diaphragms, femidomes or chemicals also play a minor role: Less than one percentage point of the people had spoken out for them.

Do you want to go every day, whenever you need it, or preferably not? For example, if you are worried that the methodology is safe and comfortable, but you do not want to think about it all the time, it is advisable to use a snail, unless there are health concerns about not doing so.

So after the birth many girls switch from the original Adidas Super Star 80s metal toe shoes to the white 80s z80zqr spirals. Some mothers only want to use contraceptives if they are really close to a man, especially if they do not have a constant companion. For the condom and the diaphragm would be better suited.

The background of the directory is the following study: If 100 mothers have been using a certain contraceptive method for one year, the scientists are investigating how many of them are wearing despite the contraception. If you use the contraceptive for an extended period of time, but do not want to take the tablet every day or think about contraception, the Spiral Spiral may be a good choice for you.

In addition to the original Adidas toe shoes Super Star 80s Women’s Metal Years white and condom, the snail is the third largest method of contraception, in which the 30- to 44-year-olds decide to use them relatively often. However, the interest of young girls has increased in isolation, because they believe that the impact on the organism is less pronounced than with birth control pills, that the snail is comfortable and not costly for a period of three to five years.

There are different types of so-called Intrauterine Device (IUD), as doctors called the snail. The copper snail has a Pearl index between 0.5 and three, making it one of the safest methods of contraception. Ideally, it is usually used in the past few days to avoid introducing the coil during early pregnancy, for example.

As soon as the doctor pulls out the snail, these changes are reversed. Decisive is beside the Cu also the correct size and position of the screws. Occasionally, the snail may be ejected during menstruation or slipped into the uterus. Therefore, the treating specialist recommends contraception only for people who have no complaints with their time.

In cases of inflammation of the abdomen or malformation of the uterus, the snail is out of the question for you. Over the past few years, many people have become aware of the chain of copper. Over the years, many people have embarked on the chain. It belongs to the spiral, even if it does not matter much anymore. He is together two to three inches long, acts like a conventional snail and can remain for several years in the carcass.

According to the manufacturer, Cu chains should slip less often and be ejected than the conventional chips. In addition, the increased bleeding would not occur as often as with the coil, it is said. According to current knowledge, copper jewelry chains for most ladies have no clear advantages over the usual snail, my experts. It can also be used as a means of postnatal prevention.

In contrast to contraceptive pills and other hormonal contraceptives that interfere with a woman’s hormonal balance, the mode of action of mechanical and chemical birth control pills is based on a simple principle: it kills the spermatozoa, restricts its mobility or blocks the access of sperm to the egg. This is of particular interest to those who do not want permanent contraception or do not have a permanent companion.

To date, the condom is next to the sterilization, the only method of contraception, with which the man can carry out the contraception itself. It is the only contraceptive that can protect against sexually transmitted diseases – not just against HIV, but also against hepatitis, Chlamydia, Trichomonas and HP viruses that can cause cervical cancer.

It is precisely this aspect that has contributed in recent years to improving the appearance of the condom. The condoms are self-explanatory – everyone has experienced them once and knows their way of working. The safety with which a condom protects against pregnancy depends primarily on the abilities of the man. Anyone who understands the routine use of condoms and excludes malfunctions, has a fairly safe antidote.

Make sure the condom does not come into contact with a greasy or oily compound, such as a chemical contraceptive, a lubricant, or a vaginal infection. These are free of side effects and can balance other contraceptives. For the woman since the 90s there is a plastic shell that behaves like a second shell: the female femidom.

The small ring piece at the closed end is guided with the outstretched handle into the vagina and lies like a membrane on the cervix. In Germany, it has so far had little significance in contraception. As with condoms for men, but here is the right application crucial. 

Whether membrane or cervical cap: The silicone sheaths are inserted far into the vagina and are in front of the cervix a barrier layer for sperm. The membrane is larger and is enveloped by the vaginal walls. It is much smaller and lies directly on the cervix – there it attracts firmly and forms a thicker partition.

However, you should always use both methods combined with a biological contraceptive to improve safety at work. They are less and less used as chemicals and gradually go from the field. The pearl number of the diaphragm is between 1 and 20 – the larger and experienced the person, the better. The value for the cervical cap is about 6, but it improves when you combine this method of contraception with chemicals.

During intercourse, you will not feel the diaphragm or the neck cap once it is in place. If you only have occasional sexual intercourse and you do not want permanent contraception, a diaphragm or a cervical cap may be of interest to you. Or, if hormonal contraceptives and the IUD are out of the question for health or other reasons.

However, some ladies find these caps as cumbersome and annoying. Chemical contraceptives are and have never been very popular. Not all of these substances are compatible with the material of technical contraceptives. The spermicide, as the chemicals are also called, is still available today as a suppository, gels or creams. So you do not have to worry about developing a damaged embryonic condition if you’re taking it despite contraception.

The chemical agents are of interest to you if you do not need or want permanent contraception because they are applicable when appropriate. Some ladies do not tolerate the active ingredient nonoxinol-9. You can also trigger allergies in men and women. According to a WHO report, according to the WHO, who have been working with chemicals containing the active ingredient nonoxinol-9, they have been infected more often with the HIV virus.

If you use a cervical cap or diaphragm, but do not like the chemical composition, you can also apply a citric acid gel in the pharmacy.

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