Credit for dentures.

Dentist patients reliant on dentures should take enough time to research providers and banks that may provide them with a denture loan. The dentist may also offer the patient an offer for a denture loan, but at the same time he may try to make the patient more palatable than necessary.

Fewer patients have the financial means to pay high-quality dentures immediately and in cash. The cost distribution and breakdown is complex and different from case to case.

The interplay of competent institutions, authorities and dentists on the one hand and the cooperation of these institutions with the needy patient contribute to the success of the treatment. The network of responsibility for reimbursement and approval is divided into health insurance, credit companies, bank, dentist, patient and possibly existing dental insurance.

Prerequisite to get a loan for dentures, is the creditworthiness, ie creditworthiness of the patient. This depends inter alia on the monthly income, which can be certified by the banks.

Benefits and limitations of statutory and private health insurance

Benefits and limitations of statutory and private health insurance


Statutory health insurance funds only take on the most necessary dental treatment for their patients. Desired services and extras must be worn by the patient in general. In medical cases, the health insurance company pays a contribution in the amount of the so-called health-related fixed subsidies.

However, the information provided by the dentist that the treatment of the patient mandatory requires dentures, but not sufficient for a cost sharing of the health insurance.

The grants depend on the concrete findings. If there is a definite finding and several forms of care are available, the patient can opt for a medically recognized form of care. Private insured individuals have a claim to aiding and abetting dentures in individual cases.

The health insurances are based on the aid guidelines, which are mainly focused on saving. A dentist’s bill that goes beyond the allowable amount of the assistance guidelines forces the patient to pay the balance themselves.

Financing a nice smile

Financing a nice smile


The teeth are, just like the face, our figurehead and are among the first visually apparent features for their care we invest a lot of time and money. If the interior of the mouth has to be “refurbished” and these are no longer just individual parts, this process becomes really costly. The dental laboratory has a solution for all dental injuries: Dentures, implants, bridges and crowns are individually manufactured here.

The price range for treatments in which these parts are used ranges from 120 – 2000 USD. The companies that lend a denture loan cooperate with banks and the dentist can also make a loan offer. Above all, it is important that the patient compares the effective interest rates and thus selects the cheapest offer.

The banks grant terms of 6 to 36 months. The more months are claimed, the higher the interest rates. The loan volumes vary, but are usually between 250 and 50,000 USD.

The bank Postbank offers the credit for dentures and also loans for dentists and dental laboratories.  Ordinary small loans can often be cheaper than tooth loans. The effective interest rates are often up to two or three percent below the interest rates for dental loans.


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